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God’s Will and Counsel
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I pointed out in the last article under this title: "The Deity of God", that we get into difficulties whenever we use terms that are not in the Scriptures to describe scriptural matters, and we instanced the word “Trinity” as one such case. Another term which is unscriptural, yet even more widespread in its use, is the term “fall” when applied to Adam and to humanity. Where do the Scriptures say that Adam “fell” when he disobeyed God? Yet we tend to speak of “fallen man” and “fallen humanity,” and to refer to the event which occurred in the garden of Eden as “the Fall” (often with a capital ‘F’ to emphasize it).

Another word which we should be very chary about using is “failure.” From one point of view, we may be correct in saying that humanity has failed—failed to keep the law—failed to live up to God’s standard; but never let it be said that humanity has failed to fulfill the purpose for which God created it. God’s purpose has been crowned with success from the very first moment of its conception to its ultimate conclusion. It is a success story from first to last. The deity of God demands that it should be so.  

God’s purpose is not a brilliant recovery from partial failure, but an unqualified success story throughout. It was just as much an essential element in God’s purpose that Adam should transgress as it was an essential feature that the last Adam should be crucified. The one was a prerequisite of the other.  

Are we then saying that Adam had no choice in the matter? That he could not help himself? That he could not avoid missing the mark? Indeed, we are saying just that. But let us look into this question of choice for a moment or two.  

It is part of our human nature for us to feel and imagine that we have a considerable freedom of choice. From the moment when, as very young children, we learn to say, “Give me this,” or “I want that,” we are making decisions, and we tend to imagine that these decisions are entirely our own.  

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