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God’s Will and Counsel
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For instance, you who are reading this article, all decided to have a look at “Unsearchable Riches” at this particular moment. You could have picked up the magazine, or you could have chosen something else to read. Or could you?  

Did you pick up this particular magazine to read, rather than something else, simply and solely because you decided to do so, or was it because God was operating in you to will as well as to work for the sake of His delight (Phil.2:13)? If you claim that the decision was solely yours, then you are refusing to admit the power of God’s Spirit operating in you.  

When we come to look carefully at the question of choice, we find how very few of the major factors that govern our lives can even remotely be considered to be of our own choosing. The main issues that have made us what we are, are not decided by us at all.  

In the first place, we did not decide that we were to be humans. God has many creations—some spirit, some human, some animal. We remember being taught, when very young, a little bit of verse, which ran something like this, “I might have been a cow or a pig, and sold for beef or ham” and this particular stanza ended, “I’m glad I’m what I am.” Well, we are what we are only because God made us so, and not because we had any say in the matter.  

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