Tract Editing Tools

Tracts (Open Office source files):

Papersize ("A"=8.5in x11in,  "A4"=210mm x 297mm):

 "A"    "A4"
Where do Souls Go at Death?  ODT    ODT
What is Your Evangel?  ODT    ODT
God's Will and Counsel  ODT    ODT
The Supreme God, His Spirit, and His Son  ODT    ODT
The Unity of the Spirit  ODT    ODT

Note1: The files above  can be downloaded and used to both make modifications and make PDF files.

Note2: The program "OpenOffice" is very useful to me. It can be downloaded from or here. This is the program I use to open, modify and, also make new PDF files from the changes I make. Also the "A4" files can be used to print on printers or folding machines that will not work on 8.5" x 11" paper.

The font used in these tracts is called "Myriad Web Pro", sent to me by James Coram of . He suggested that it may be an improvement over "Times New Roman". If you would like a copy, download it here as a .exe file, click to open it, then click the install button on each of the files when they open. Or here, to unzip it, and follow the same procedure.

Note4: If you are in need of some of the tools I used to make and edit the files on this site, you may find the "Programs" folder (this folder is also in the Data file .zip download) has some help for you. Also, reading the "Programs Folder Notes" may  be of use.