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Date: 4/24/2018


My name is Martin Lee.

Its been over 50 years now that I have been listening to Bible teaching and studies.

Recently, in October 2011 I found teaching that helped clear up many Bible questions I had accumulated over the years.

My new learning started when I found a much more thorough, Bible concordance, and Bible studies that were written, mainly by the Bible concordance developers. They were using what they were learning, as they developed the concordance and the new Bible translation.

The Bible concordance was done in such a way that every different original word (including its grammar) has a unique word or phrase associated with it. Also, every place that a particular original word is used, its same translated word or phrase is used. This makes searches on God's usage of a specific word, very quick and non-confusing.

Almost all of my earlier Bible studying had come from the King James version Bible, and the Strongs concordance.

Now, this new concordance is published as part of the Scripture4All.org computer program which is free, and includes three translations: The Concordant Literal Version, The King James Version, and Young's Literal Version. Also it includes Strongs numbers, the Concordant word for word phrases (very important), along with the original languages. This program is useful for Bible reading, and to do comparisons for study purposes.

The other item that was of much help to me, were the Bible studies and teachings offered at the Concordant.org site, which is the url of, “Concordant Publishing Concern, inc.”.

Thank you.

May the Lord God and Father of our Lord, Christ Jesus be blessed.


P.S.  In 2014 was shown a list of people that were finding similar things in the Bible as I was. So, I added my contact information to the list Saviorofall.wordpress.com/fellowship . 

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